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Recovery is a process not an event and it is a journey of baby steps WORTH celebrating.
Sooooo...After belonging to a world of eating disorders, self injury, of failure, of dispair, of tedious rules and of loneliness. It can be hard to transition back to the world where LIFE is a priority. Every step even the tiniest of steps counts. And sometimes there just aren't enough ppl to share you triumphs with, or the triumphs to us are milestones are taken for granted and seem too small by ppl who don't know how difficult it is.

Here I invite you to share the triumphs and goals of your recovery! I want to hear them ALL!

-Please be respectful. We are all in different places at different times. Some of us take it day by day, some of us second by second.
-If your milestone in your recovery has to do with conquering and managing your eating disorder, I am happy for you. But I am more interested in the goals and accomplishments of your day to day life. (ie did you get to all your class on time?, have enough money to pay rent?,make a new friend?, rock a challenging interpersonal situation?, take a chance with something frightening?) I know eating disorders inside and out so if that is something that you want to sharet great I would be happy to hear about it, but I am more interested in watching and celebrating you taking back your life.
-Have to believe, want to believe, work on believing that recovery is not something we have to regret or resent. Its a part of our lives so we may as well make the best of it.
-Membership to pro ana communities is not a deal breaker, but posts of a pro ana/mia nature are. Don't want it here, plz don't post it.

Good examples of Goals oriented towards recovery: (finish school, get a part time job, do some volunteer work, wake up an hour earlier each day until sleep patterns are normal...etc etc)

Bad example of Goals oriented towards recovery: (weight loss goals, harm reduction (note: reduction. I am totally up to hearing how you have substained from it, um I think you get the jist of it)

Basically I would like to collect a group of ppl who rock at recovery, not ALL THE TIME b/c that is impossible :P but some of the time or even a fraction of the time. We've done the ed,self injury, substance abuse thing alone for so long...that It's time we start enjoying,and using to our advantage eachothers company. (the pro ana's do)

So who am I? (Oh btw I have a really, REALLY awesome recovery buddy, I suggest you find one also as well if at all possible)

I am a woman. I am a child some days as well. I am a student. I am a scientist and an artist rarely both simultaneously but I am both. I am a role model. I am a teacher. I am a friend and to some a dear friend. I am a daughter and a sister. I am an athelete. I am a swimmer and a runner. I am a dancer still at heart. I am a FIGHTER. I am a SURVIVOR. I am an optimist, but I am also human. I am a realist. I am atleast for today alive and well, and for that I am grateful.

I'm at uni studying pre-med and leisure sciences/healthsciences and I hope to go to med school in three years or less? I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder which I embraced for 8 yrs before entering recovery 5 yrs ago. Today I am struggling. I have also been diagnosed with bpd which is now in an inactive form. I believe in recovery because some days there is nothing else. That life in recovery though hard is not as hard the loneliness as being a patient, a medical chart, and a frutration to countless medical professionals fighting for you while you're the only one fighting against life. I believe that recovery is a process and never an event.But that it's not a process that we have to regret even though it is hard as hell. There is so much joy in it as well esp when we learn to become ppl who value the small things. Ppl who value the small things rarely have trouble finding something to value.

I love swimming. My races are fly and freestyle sprints. I enjoy health and health promotion. I want to help others learn what I apparently have difficulty with. Living harmoniously with your body.

I'm here to be heard. I'm here because i'm done being silenced. But I'm definitely open to being creative in my expression and supportive of others in their recovery achievements however small-because after all I value the small thing too.